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SK Systems provides customized solutions for adressing and logo print.

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Flexible, controllable, practical

The jet.engine is a highly recognizable print head that is flexible, controllable and extremely practical – its “no-mess” high quality output and easily integrated technology ensures its applicability in almost any situation and on any surface. Having the ability to control print jobs from set up, all the way to output, the jet.engine delivers solutions without the hassle and expense of purchasing a bulky, complicated printing system.

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High speed, high resolution.

The jet.engine provides a variety of options and applications that fit your company’s specific needs, while giving you the opportunity to expand and further develop your printing capabilities. Highly adaptable hardware that allows you to exceed your previous printing capacity, inks that will print on virtually any substrate, and software that puts full control at your fingertips; the jet.engine presents itself as an all inclusive specialty print system.

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HP Innovation

The very foundation of inc.jet’s printing solutions is HP thermal inkjet technology (TIJ). Having led the way in TIJ for more than two decades in the industrial market, HP designed a highly cost effective, invaluable solution for specialty printing needs. The highly controlled ink drop placement allows for smaller images/characters to be printed with more precision, higher resolution and at faster output times. Rugged enough for harsh manufacturing settings, while still defined enough for delicate printing, this inexpensive technology is applicable in numerous industries and media.

Read and Print in perfection

Our Read and Print solutions can be fitted independently from manufacturers on most paper converting machines. Because of the modularity it is very easy to integrate to a wide range of different systems. Codes: We have the possibilities to deal with most common codes from barcode over OCR-B to datamatrix.

We place great value on individual advice and offers for our customers. To find a solution suited to your requirements - feel free to contact us.

Phone: +43 6605086364