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2120 Wolkersdorf, Hauptstraße 45

Phone: +43 6605086364


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Individual automation

SK Systems is a confident partner for your automation tasks

We offer a wide variety of services for indoor installations, building automation, Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation (RWA), as well as individual controls. Our offerings include planning, installation and initial operation of products for building automation and their annual service. With our well esthablised partners like ALUKÖNIGSTAHL and SIEMENS we grant a professional solution of your control application. Convince yourself by exploring your references.

Short summary of company history and development

SK Systems was found 2002 by Mr. Ing. Siegfried Kraupp. In early years the company focused on indoor installations for private homes and building installations for companies. Another field was the development of specialised machines in paper and printing industries. Later, SK Systems also focused on planning and installation of alarm systems. In 2012 we became partners of ALUKÖNIGSTAHL which improved our product range in terms of building automation. Recently SK Systems also offers a 24/7 support for all its customers.